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BL460c Gen8 blade

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We provide a Complete 24 X 7 IT SUPPORT Solution for Business


Latency, outages, security breaches. Any one of these problems is cause for immediate action. That means any business that seriously relies on its network for day-to-day operations of enterprise applications, e-mail, websites and more must have a 24 x 7 monitoring scheme and resolution plan in place. The reality is, however, that network monitoring is often an afterthought for resource-strapped organizations.

With CNS's 24 x 7 network monitoring and remediation services, you can entrust this important need to our technical experts who have many years of successful network management experience and the business perspective in comprehensive data center solutions to prioritize our response. CNS keeps tabs on your entire network with advanced monitoring and alerting tools. Our redundant network operations centers (NOCs) in Hackensack, NJ and Carlsbad, CA can provide 24 x 7 monitoring of servers, edge devices, routers, switches, firewalls and unified communications equipment. Our service monitors and proactively responds to issues within your network on a continuous basis.

Why choose CNS 24 x 7 network monitoring and remediation?

CNS expands and enhances the capabilities of the traditional 8-to-5 coverage provided by strained internal IT staffs. CNS services come in a variety of options designed to meet an organization's unique and specific needs.

CNS managed services can increase operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent.

The portfolio covers the entire technology management lifecycle - from assessment to design to deployment to documentation to ongoing support. CNS manages tens of thousands of devices and end users.


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